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Exclusive Proposal at the Colosseum

By 17 September 2023Colosseum, Couple, Rome

Sunset over the Colosseum

Golden hour proposal at the Colosseum

What a fantastic Surprise Wedding Proposal candidly photographed at the Roman Colosseum. In an off the beaten track location with a phenomenal and semi private view of this truly unique monument. Proposal photographed from the sideline for the perfect surprise effect! Then after catching breath from the great surprise! The photographer presented himself. And we continued on with some Engagement Photos to remember this very special moment forever! Starting off with some nice portraits which caught the last rays of light that shone over the Colosseum. Including some pictures of the beautiful engagement ring!

Then we walked over to get a different angle view. Which include a nice view over some Mediterranean pine trees in the background. Which were perfectly lit by the sun setting. Trying out different poses and portraits. And having fun while taking pictures! Concluding the photo shoot in Rome with a last of photos while walking together at dusk at the Coliseum!

Kneeling down for a surprise wedding proposal at the Roman Colosseum candidly photographed from afar

Proposing marriage at the Colosseum during an engagement photoshoot in Rome

Couple portrait picture taken at the Coliseum in Rome Italy during a photography session

Picture of a couple just engaged in Rome Italy. Exclusive Proposal at the Colosseum

Walking while kissing in Rome. Photoshoot at the Roman Colosseum

Walking couple portrait at the Coliseum


Time of the year: mid September
Time of day: 6:30 pm in the afternoon catching sunset’s last rays of light
Services: 0.5 h couple photography with expedient image delivery
Locations: Exclusive Proposal at the Colosseum

Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio: Wedding Photographer Italy. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in Amalfi, Rome, Venice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Exclusive Proposal at the Colosseum
Article Name
Exclusive Proposal at the Colosseum
Proposing on an exclusive location overlooking the Colosseum from the far distance and continuing with a unique and creative engagement session in the environs
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