Pre Wedding Engagement

By 28 October 2015February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Rome daytime and nighttime photo shoot

The first part of this pre wedding engagement session was organized to take place in the day time. Starting with the knowledgeable hands of the make up and hairstyle artist Anna which prepared this fabulous look! So we made our way downstairs to reach the car which was waiting in the street. Couldn’t resist from taking pictures as we made our way down the stair case. Then we were off to the Roman Colosseum where the pre-wedding e-session started. Taking some interesting shots which also included some artistic silhouettes. Then the idea to take a picture of the mobile phone screen! The next stop was the Roman Pantheon which offered some other really cool shots especially the angelic pictures! The last session was improvised in the streets by Largo Argentina. And then off back to the residence for a dress change.
The second part of the session took place back at the Roman Colosseum trying to capture some fun and acrobatic images with the Coliseum in the background.

Picture of a couple sitting down on a staircase romantically kissing

Beauty fashion picture of a woman's face photo close up with hair and makeup

Silhouette picture of a couple during their engagement session in Rome

Pre Wedding Engagement photo session in Rome by the Roman Colosseum

Engaged couple at the Roman Pantheon

Image taken of the mobile screen while romantically kissing with the Colosseum in the background

Angelic picture of a bride

Night time photo e-session of a couple at the Roman Coliseum. Rome, Italy.

Looking through the car window reflection creative photography

Portrait picture of a couple together in the Eternal city

In the streets of Rome Pre Wedding Engagement

Jumping up in the air photo shoot night time session at the Colosseum in Rome

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Time of the year: October
Time of day: Afternoon / Evening / Nighttime
Duration: 5 hrs
Makeup and hair: AnnaArtStyle
Car Service: WheretoRome
The Colosseum and Pantheon
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Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio

Day and night time photography
Article Name
Day and night time photography
Pre Wedding Engagement photography. Stunning and acrobatic images of a fantastic couple during a daytime and nighttime photo session in the Eternal city!