Pre Sunset Engagement shoot

By 19 July 2018February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Searching for the Golden Hour

A fun and creative Rome Photo Shoot Engagement session. Starting out on the Ponte Umberto I bridge. The bridge over from Ponte degli Angeli. Which has a fantastic view over Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance. But in a backlit scene. So we were shooting against the sun here. It was tricky getting the right exposure. But with the help of an improvised remote flash light. To contrast the beautiful but backlit golden hour light. We got some pretty good pictures with a great mix of light!

Then we set off into the ancient cobblestone streets found in around the area. Finding some great spots where I hadn’t photographed before.  Popping out in Via dei Coronari. A really nice area to get some contextualized images of people walking and mingling in a roman atmosphere.

We left a good part of our photography hour together for Piazza Navona. Which we photographed from fountain to fountain! Getting some really nice pictures of being in love and together in Rome!

Saint Peter's dome cathedral seen from a nearby bridge at sunsetRomantic image of couple walking together in the roman alleyway streets . Rome, ItalyCouple browsing through street paintings

Couple in love photographed from Ponte Umberto I at sunsetSunlight image engagement shoot roman streetsEngagement photo shoot by one of the water fountains found in Piazza Navona

Standing by the fountain of the 4 rivers

Romance at Piazza Navona. Posed couple by the fountain


Time of the year: July
Time of day: pre sunset golden hour
Duration: 1 hr walking
Location: Ponte Umberto I | Roman AlleywaysPiazza Navona
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio
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Walking in the streets of Rome
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Walking in the streets of Rome
A Unique and Romantic Pre Sunset Engagement Shoot. Beautiful Golden hour light in an off the beaten track Couple Photography session
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