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Couple Photoshoot in Positano

Picture Perfect: A Couple’s Photoshoot in Positano

If you’ve ever seen a postcard of Italy and wondered if such places truly exist, this wonderful photography session is proof that they do! Positano, with its cascading cliffs, pastel buildings, and azure waters, is as enchanting in real life as it is in pictures! Recently, our Amalfi coast photographer had the privilege and joy of capturing a couple’s unique and creative portraits amidst this stunning scenery!

A Fairytale Late Afternoon

We kicked off our photoshoot in Positano at the golden hour, a truly special moment to take pictures on the Amalfi coast. As the sun descended, the town was bathed in a soft, golden light that made everything look even more magical. The usually bustling Spiaggia Grande beach was almost deserted, giving us the perfect serene backdrop for our photos. The gentle waves, the sparkling sea, and the quiet ambiance set a dreamy tone for the end of this beautiful day.

Strolling Through Positano’s Charm

Next, we wandered through the streets of Positano. Every alley and staircase seemed to tell its own story, with bursts of bougainvillea adding splashes of color. We paused over one great view after another. Capturing nice shots of our couple sharing laughs and smiles over scenic mountain and sea views. With the buildings creating the perfect frame around the picture.

The narrow, winding streets, often lined with vibrant ceramics and flowers, were playground elements to introduce in our photoshoot in Positano. We found ourselves stopping every few steps to take in the beauty—an old street, a charming storefront, a hidden passageway. Each spot was more photogenic than the last, and the photography seamlessly blended into the background, catching candid moments of joy and affection.

Photoshoot in Positano starting from the above hill town view

Walking out of the Eden Roc Hotel in Positano and taking pictures in the front staircase

Couple posing in the streets of Positano during a photoshoot in some of the most scenic spots

Cityscape view of the vertical town viewed among red flower vases

Walking uphill in the streets of Positano Italy during a fun and creative photoshoot

Photo shooting a couple while visiting the Amalfi coast

Portrait picture taken from above where the beach, the sea and the town are all visible

Looking at the town from the above railing streets view

The Iconic View

Our adventure wouldn’t have been complete without visiting one of Positano’s famous viewpoints. From a high vantage point, we could see the whole village spilling down on the cliffs into the sea. It was a breathtaking sight, one that made us feel on top of the world. With the sun sinking lower, the village below looked like a mosaic of colors and textures. With the photographer capturing the couple in a tender embrace, with the stunning vista stretching out behind them.

Sunset Serenity

As the day began to wind down, we returned back to the Hotel for the final shots of the day and of this wonderful photoshoot in Positano. The setting sun cast a warm, golden hue over everything, and the sky turned shades of gold and orange. We sat on a small wall, watching the boats bob gently in the water, and soaked in the peaceful atmosphere. Captured these quiet, intimate moments, in unique and creative photography which will last a lifetime!

Unique and creative pictures of a couple on a fun photography session on the Amalfi coast

Lively and fun photo shoot in Positano Italy

Taking pictures together during a vacation trip to the Amalfi coast

Sitting down shots on a metal railing

Leaning against the wall couple portrait

Taking photos next to a large ceramic vase lemon inspired

Taking portrait pictures while standing next to an light blue vespa scooter

Looking at the town view at the end of the photographer session in Positano Italy

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Time of the year: mid May
Time of day: during the golden hour in the late afternoon 6:00 am
Duration: 1 hr Photoshoot in Positano mainly centered on the high part of town with a view of the beach and coast below during sunset
Locations: Positano and environs
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Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photographer Italy also available as wedding photographer on the Amalfi coast or across the peninsula with unique and creative Photoshoot in Positano and Proposal in Positano

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Couple Photoshoot on the Amalfi coast
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Couple Photoshoot on the Amalfi coast
Unique and Creative Couple photoshoot on the Amalfi coast in Italy among breathtaking views at sunset and beautiful flowers
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