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Model Photography in Rome

By 14 June 2022Rome, Solo

Having Fun Taking Portrait Pictures in Rome

A truly spectacular day for taking solo portrait pictures in the Eternal city of Rome! Staring off with a car pick from Hotel de la Ville and then heading into town stopping here and there to take posed pictures in some of the most scenic locations we found along the way. Ultimately reaching Parco del Pincio with a one of kind terrace view over the roman cityscape.

Then we drove into central Rome and headed straight for the the Trevi fountain! A must shoot location. Especially towards the end of a nice summer day. Where the ray of light start to get lower and the light color becomes golden like. And when shining over the water surface of the Trevi fountain makes the water seem azure and cobalt blue like the nearby Mediterranean sea.

From there we took a Rome photoshoot break with an Italian expresso coffee! Taken and photographed inside the Galleria Alberto Sordi gallery. With its magnificent mosaic lit ceiling and lead away circular lights. It makes for such a special place for a coffee break and an opportunity to take unique and creative pictures! Using external lighting to enrich the contrasts and the details.

Then we drove to Piazza del Campidoglio. Which has an incredibile view over the ancient Roman Forum. But also so many other remarkable photography spots. Such as big imposing staircases. Ancient large marble Roman statues which can be used as awesome backdrops. And ancient roman porticos which are great for posed portrait or dynamic shots as the light comes low shining in from the sides. Creating spectacular lighting effects.

Our last stop was the Roman Colosseum. Which stood with all its mighty as background to some really nice cobble stone alleyway shots. Including a second Rome photo shoot break with a bright orange Spritz drink! Which was great to photograph in front of the Colosseum in the background!

Gucci style posed portrait picture taken with the ancient city of Rome as backdrop

Rome's Trevi fountain photo shoot in Rome Italy

Taking pictures together at Parco del Pincio posing by the metal railing with the spectacular view of ancient Rome in the background

Indoor photography inside Galleria Alberto Sordi while having an Italian expresso coffee

Close up Model Photography in Rome taken under the portico of Piazza del Campidoglio during a photoshoot in Rome, Italy

Posed picture photographed in one of the many alleyway streets of Rome Italy

Portrait taken on the staircase of Campidoglio square where the subject is small in the picture frame contextualizing the photography spaces

Sitting down portrait picture on a bright orange wall with the Roman Colosseum in the far distance

Creative and unique portrait picture of a photography model photographed under a marble statue in Rome

Spritz drink break. Taking fun pictures in Rome during a solo fashion photoshoot at the Roman Coliseum

Walking the streets of Rome in a cobble stone alleyway with the Colosseum in the backgroundPosing in front of the Coliseum during a photo session on a hill side overlooking the spectacular view. Imaged posed on a metal railing

Posed portrait picture in ancient Rome during a photography session at the Roman Forum Arms open portrait with roman landscape as backdrop during the golden hour


Time of the year: end of May
Time of day: afternoon into evening 4:00 to 7:00 pm
Services: 3 hour photography with car service
Locations: Parco del Pincio, Trevi fountain, Galleria Alberto Sordi, Piazza del Capidoglio, alleyways and panoramic views, Roman Colosseum
Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our photography sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Solo fashion photography editorial in Rome Italy
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Solo fashion photography editorial in Rome Italy
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