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A Dreamy Proposal at the Pincio Terrace outlook

Villa Borghese park, Rome, Italy

A marriage proposal in Rome is a dream come true for many couples. The Eternal City, with its romantic charm and historical grandeur, provides the perfect photographic backdrop for such a special moment. Among the city’s many enchanting locations, the Pincio white marble terrace at the Borghese Gardens was the location for this beautiful Rome proposal photo session. Meeting directly on location with the proposal photographer. And asking the big question with virtually no one around. Discreetly photographed from a distance.

The Enchantment of the Pincio Terrace

Located in the heart of Rome, the Pincio Terrace not only offers breathtaking views over the city. But the park in itself is is a haven for romance, providing a serene and picturesque setting to continue the marriage proposal in Rome with an engagements photo session. So we ventured inside the park to search for creative and unique pictures to take!

Bust statue photographed at the Villa Borghese park

The view of Saint Peter's cathedral from the pincio terrace outlook in the early morning. Marriage Proposal location idea in Rome

Mediterranean pine trees that hover over the marble terrace of Villa Borghese pincio park

Capturing Love at the Temple of Diana

After the marriage proposal, the journey continues with an engagement photoshoot through the Borghese Gardens to the Temple of Diana. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this ancient temple exudes a timeless beauty that perfectly complements the romance of the occasion. The classical architecture provides an elegant and historic backdrop for capturing the joy and love of an engagement photoshoot in Rome. Taking pictures both on the central pedestal as well as standing on the outside and on the beautiful staircase.

Serenity at the Small Lake and Temple of Asclepius

Further into the Borghese Gardens lies a small lake, home to the picturesque Temple of Asclepius. This tranquil spot, with its calm waters and charming temple, offers a serene and intimate setting for an engagement photoshoot in Italy. The reflection of the temple on the lake’s surface added such a touch of enchantment to the images, creating lasting memories of this special day.

Couple kissing in the eternal city a proposal photoshoot in Rome ItalyPosed shot of a couple together in Villa Borghese parkTogether in Rome couple posing in front of a circular water fountain during and engagement photo shootPosing underneath Temple of Diana in the Borghese gardens of Rome

Sitting down just engaged in Rome under Mediterranean pine trees that characterize the city of Rome ItalyEngagement ring close up while holding hands. Marriage Proposal in RomeCouple portrait embracing next to an ancient marble railingCouple sitting down on the steps of the Diana temple in the Borghese park

Admiring Temple of of Asclepius found on the edge of the Villa Borghese lake during an engagement photography session after a Marriage Proposal in Rome


Time of the year: mid May
Time of day: 8:00 am in the morning
Services: 1 hour photoshoot in the Villa Borghese Park. Marriage Proposal in Rome
Location: Villa Borghese, Rome Italy. A beautiful wedding marriage proposal in Rome with a scenic park walk afterwards to search for unique and creative lifestyle photos
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio. Producing unique and creative photoshoots in Rome carried out by the most talented photographers in Italy.

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Villa Borghese Park Marriage Proposal in Rome
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Villa Borghese Park Marriage Proposal in Rome
Asking the question in the early morning in the Villa Borghese park in Rome candidly photographed from a distance. Then on a nice scenic walk inside the park looking for some great engagement photos!
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