Proposing at a lake

By 12 April 2018February 2nd, 2020Proposal, Rome, Villa Borghese lake

In Villa Borghese Park

A beautiful and romantic wedding marriage proposal taking place inside Parco Villa Borghese. Next to a calm and serene lake with the Temple of Asclepius in the background. Just the perfect day for the faithful yes! Continuing on to take some engagement pictures in around the area. Including some nice ring closeups. As well as some final portrait pictures using a beautiful blossoming purple flower tree as backdrop.

Man knee down proposal holding the ring in one hand

Putting the engagement ring on

Coupe kissing after a romantic yes

Kissing at the Villa Borghese park in Rome Italy. Image by the Andrea Matone photography studio

e-ring closeup portrait

Final couple portrait sitting down on a ledge with a colorful tree in the background

Purple flowered tree up close


Time of the year: April
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 30 min session
Location: The Villa Borghese lake

Curated imagery by the A. Matone Rome photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Lakeside proposal
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Lakeside proposal
Proposing marriage at lakeside in a beautiful park like setting
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