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Janiculum Terrace Proposal in Rome

A Joyful Janiculum Terrace Proposal at Dusk

A Celebration Overlooking Rome

There’s something undeniably magical about a proposal in Rome that overflows with romance, laughter and joy! A Janiculum Terrace proposal at sunset, set against the stunning backdrop of Rome. Discreetly photographed and video recorded at a distance.

A Perfect Way to end the day

It all began on a warm evening, with the sun beginning its descent over the city. The atmosphere was vibrant and alive, with tourists and locals alike gathered to witness the breathtaking views from Janiculum Terrace. As the couple arrived, there was an air of anticipation, but also a lightheartedness that set the tone for what was to come.

The Big Moment

As the sun dipped lower, casting a golden glow over Rome, the proposer took a knee on beautiful soft green grass. Before an amazing view over the eternal city. Catching his fiancee in off guard surprise! Welcomed with an enthusiastic “yes,” followed by laughter, joy and happiness! Which showed in the engagement Rome photoshoot that followed!

Fun laughing couple portrait taken during an engagement photoshoot in Rome Italy

Taking pictures underneath the equestrian statue of Garibaldi found in Piazzale Garibaldi

Posed portrait picture taken by a photographer in front of Rome Saint Peter's Basilica in the far distance right after a Janiculum Terrace proposal

Couple kissing during their engagement photos showing the engagement ring in the forefront and having them out of focus in the background

Laughter at the Fontanone water fountain on the Gianicolo hill

Couple close up having fun during their photography session

Sunset PhotoShoot

With the Janiculum Terrace proposal complete and the sun setting, the photographer and his trusted assistant presented themselves! And lead the couple through an amazing photoshoot in around the area. Starting with a nice corner spot that has an incredible view of Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance. Capturing the candid moments that defined this special day. Images of smiling faces, shared jokes, and the stunning sunsets in silhouette pictures.

Silhouette picture taken ad dusk towards the end of the Rome photoshoot after a beautiful and romantic Janiculum Terrace proposal


Time of the year: mid May
Time of day: 8:00 pm in the evening
Services: 1 hour Janiculum terrace proposal followed by unique and creative engagement pictures in around the environs
Locations: Janiculum Hill and the Acqua Paola water fountain. Proposing marriage in Piazzale Garibaldi for the Janiculum hill proposal taking engagement photos in around the area . Including a scenic view of the San Pietro cathedral dome in the Vatican. Then moving over to the nearby water fountain Fontana dell’Acqua Paola
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Italy photographer studio

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Janiculum Terrace Proposal in Rome
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Janiculum Terrace Proposal in Rome
A evening of surprise, laughter and shared happiness candidly photographed on the Janiculum hill
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