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By 17 May 2017February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Taking pictures in the most scenic spots in Rome

A stunningly beautiful and unique honeymoon photo session in Rome. Starting at the ancient roman forum. With a breathtaking view over the ancient temples and ruins from the above Piazza del Campidoglio. Posing under large marble statues and in between column light. Then on a quick drive to the roman Colosseum. Taking some romantic couple images of walking in old cobble stone streets. With a very unique backdrop! Taking the time to snap some more photographs in front of what seemed like an ancient green door.
When we reached the Coliseum the light was just perfect. So we were able to take some really nice couple snapshots. With the monument large in the background. Our last run had to include the Trevi fountain! Where we had to make our way through the crowds, to find the just the right spot by the water edge. Ending the honeymoon photography inside Galleria Alberto Sordi for some last final portrait pictures.

Couple dip at the forum with an ancient temple in the background

Standing pose underneath a large marble roman statue

Honeymooners sitting down before the ancient roman site of the foro in Rome Italy

Portrait under column light

Walking in the roman streets with the coliseum large in the background

Couple Rome honeymoon photo session image by Andrea Matone photographer

Portrait picture together before the Colosseum

Newlyweds having fun at the Trevi fountain in the heart of Rome

Final portrait image of a couple in Galleria Alberto Sordi

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Time of the year: May
Time of day: midday
Duration: 3 hrs w/car service
Location: The Imperial Forum | Piazza del Campidoglio | Colosseum | Trevi fountain | Galleria Alberto Sordi
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio

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