Honeymoon in Trastevere

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Night time couple photography

A once in a lifetime night time honeymoon photo session in the streets of Trastevere. Peaking in a doorway to find this amazing setting inside this typical Italian building. Lit by characteristic street lights. As a photographer this can be a tricky photographic condition. As you need to either opt to use flash; losing out on the beautiful surrounding atmosphere. Or use very luminous lenses such as the 50 mm.
I opted for a mixture capturing some really nice snapshots as we continued our night time street walk. Taking us before characteristic pizzeria and street corners. Ending the honeymoon photo session on the Ponte Sisto bridge.

Couple together inside a typical Italian buildingTrastevere night timeTypical pizzeria in the streets of Rome Italy

Evening lit street corner. Honeymoon photography in Rome ItalyTrastevere street corner at night in black and white photographyB&w honeymoon photo shoot at night

Walking in the streets of Rome Trastevere quarter

Lifestyle shoot on the bridge under a lit street pole

The Tiber river lights


Time of the year: September
Time of day: Nighttime
Duration: 1 hr walking
Location: The Trastevere quarter

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Honeymoon lifestyle photo session
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Honeymoon lifestyle photo session
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