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Taking pictures in the best roman locations

What a unique and exclusive family photographer session in Rome! Starting on the Aventine hill overlooking the roman rooftops from above. Immersed in the beautiful and scenic Giardino degli Aranci. A once in a lifetime location to take some remarkable family photos. Framing the characteristic Mediterranean pine trees in the background. Then moving over to a more shaded area in the terrace panoramic outlook. Then snapping some photos in the garden with the church in the backdrop. Moving outside the park to take some spontaneous shots by the water fountain. And some nice portraits underneath the portico.

Hopping back in the vehicle to reach the stunning Galleria Alberto Sordi where we shot some family photos as well as some couple portrait. Posing under the renaissance looking ceiling with the light pole lead away lines on the side of the frame. Then we stepped outside to reach the portico found in Piazza Montecitorio. Which gave us a lot of shooting opportunities! Ending the family photo session back at Villa Spalletti Trivelli where we had the rare opportunity to take some photos inside in the splendid historic residence!

Family group photo taken inside the Orange Gardens on the Aventine Hill in Rome Italy

Family portrait with the ancient city view of Rome Italy in the background

Couple photography in an historical gallery environment

Gathering together for a nice group shot underneath portico

Final indoor couple photo session

Indoor shots portrait pictures sitting down together on a sofa


Time of the year: August
Time of day: Mid morning
Duration: 2.5 hr portrait session
Location: Giardino degli Aranci | Galleria Alberto Sordi | Piazza Montecitorio | Villa Spalletti Trivelli
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Rome Family Photo Session
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Rome Family Photo Session
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