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Meeting in Castel Sant’Angelo bridge

To begin this fabulous couple photoshoot in the early morning. Shooting on the bridge with the castle in the background. And with the sun shining light starting to come in from the far right. Including some nice photos of the engagement ring photographed framed against the ancient peperino rock engraving. Carrying the name of Ponte S. Angelo found at the head of the bridge. Then we started a nice walk around the city. And while walking we ran this really nice roman corner. Which I had been looking for for some time! As it has a really nice Rome atmosphere! So we took some nice engagement photos using an external light source. Carefully positioned on the stairs. To give off nice contouring light.

Posed portrait of a couple during an engagement photo shoot in Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo bridge

Photo of overlapping hands showing the beautiful engagement ring photographed against peperino rock with the name of ponte s. angelo

Couple walking hand in hand during an engagement photo shoot in the streets of Rome Italy

Close up portrait picture taken against and ancient doorway during a Rome photo shoot

Portrait picture standing underneath Chiostro del Bramante in central Rome

The Roman Pantheon

Then our walk continued in typical roman alleyways streets. Where we stopped here and there to take some nice portraits. Using ancient doorways and streets as background. Ultimately reaching Chiostro del Bramante. A beautiful cloister which worked as the perfect set! Finally entering Piazza navona from a side entrance. Shooting by the iconic fountains with some bench sitting down poses as well as some walking shots. Then we turned towards the Roman Pantheon.

But first we passed through Church San Ivo alla Sapienza. With its beautiful portico and courtyard. Taking some nice portraits and silhouette shots. At the Roman Pantheon we we able to shoot under the iconic Oculus with the light shining through from above. And some final portrait pictures by the obelisk water fountain found right in front. With the large massive monument as the perfect background!

Silhouette image of a recently engaged couple posing by the cloister portico

Portrait picture taken under the Roman Pantheon's Oculus hole in the ceiling

Kissing in the streets of Rome Italy during a photo shoot. Rome Engagement Pictures

sitting down posing for a picture in Italy's Piazza Navona in the center of Rome

Together picture taken in front of the Pantheon in Rome during a photo session


Time of the year: October
Time of day: Early morning 8:30 am
Duration: 2 hr walking photography
Location: Castel Sant’Angelo | Roman Alleyways | Chiostro del Bramante | Piazza Navona | S. Ivo Alla Sapienza | Pantheon
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Recently engaged in Rome
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Recently engaged in Rome
A romantic and unique couple photoshoot walking from Castel Sant'Angelo bridge to the Pantheon while taking some wonderful pictures in the roman alleyways in between
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