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Engagement photo session in Rome

Taking pictures in Rome’s off the beaten pathway

Searching for unique and romantic engagement photos in the streets of Rome. Starting from the very well known Piazza Navona. Taking photos by the central water fountain of the four rivers. And then heading into the smaller alleyways, piazzas and cloisters found in the off the beaten path. Shooting in the evening is more challenging in finding sufficient light to stop motion and get the right pictures at the right moment. But if it can be pulled off, it is certainly more rewarding in terms lighting effects and atmosphere. And then of course it is a lot cooler! With significantly less people around.

So after walking Via dei Coronari, where we shot some really nice walking around photos. We headed for the Tiber river. Taking interesting couple portraits on the Castel Sant’Angelo bridge with the angel statues guarding either sides. While catching the last rays of light shining down on Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance!

Couple walking hands in hands in the off the beaten track roman cobble stone alleyways Posed portrait sitting down on the edge of the fountain of the four rivers found in the center of Piazza Navona

Hanging out on a staircase sipping prosecco wine during a couple photoshoot in Rome ItalyCouple photography taken on the bridge of Castel Sant'Angelo

Couple portrait photographed underneath the angel statue found on Ponte Castel Sant'Angelo bridge

Final portrait picture of a couple standing on the Castel Saint Angel bridge with the last rays of light shining on the distant dome of Saint Peter in the Vatican


Time of the year: end of June
Time of day: evening 8:00 pm
Services: 1 hr photography session
Location: Piazza Navona and the off the beaten alleyways until Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo over the Tiber river
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Engagement Photo Session in Rome
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Engagement Photo Session in Rome
Engagement Photo Session in Rome. Walking around searching for Unique and Creative Couple photos
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