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Taking Photos together in Rome!

Trevi fountain and Spanish steps

We met directly on location at the beautiful Trevi fountain in the early morning. With the fountain essentially all to ourselves, we were able to focus in in getting some fenomenal couple pictures! Then after trying out different spots, poses and perspectives, we continued the photoshoot in Rome at the nearby Spanish steps.

Where we started by taking some nice spontaneous shots of a romantic walk in Via Condotti. The main fashion district in Rome.  Trying out to frame romantic photos while walking before Church Trinità dei Monti in the far distance sith the impressive staircase in front. Then we moved to the bottom of the Barcaccia water fountain to take some nice posed photos. Continuing on on the staircase for some more static portraits framing the staircase geometrical lines.

Couple portrait close together photographed in front of the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

Couple walking together in Via Condotti during a photoshoot in Rome's Fashion district quarter

Standing portrait in front of Trinita' dei Monti church and the barcaccia fountain

Kissing each other in front of the water fountain found at the bottom of the Spanish steps

Walking down the Piazza di Spagna staircase while holding hands

Sideway couple portrait photographed with the staircase geometrical lead away lines

Couple portrait photoshoot at the Roman Pantheon

Roman Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo

From Piazza di Spagna reaching the Roman Pantheon is easy and just a 10 min walk through suggestive and scenic alleyways. Which are even more so in the early morning when the city has yet to wake up! And when we reached the Pantheon we found this amazing light coming through from the sky. Which gave us the perfect inspiration to snap some epic shots! By the obelisk fountain and by of the massive monument. After taking some experimental portrait, we headed towards Sant’Angelo castle.

But before reaching it; we stopped by Ponte Umberto I bridge to capture some nice snapshots with Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance. Ultimately reaching Castel Sant’Angelo to begin with some fashion modelling poses with one of the marble angel statues as backdrop. With lovely sunlight shining in. Then moving onto the center of the bridge to shoot photos with the angel statues on either side. Heading down below the bridge to shoot some final portrait pictures by the Tiber river bank with an amazing view of the castle and the bridge from the side below!

Epic Rome couple photoshoot taken at the Roman Pantheon

Photographic facial couple portrait

Taking pictures together on Ponte Umberto I bridge found before Saint Peter's dome in the far distance

Fashion like woman portrait picture before a marble statue holding a cross

Kissing in front of Castel Sant'Angelo bridge

Couple portrait taken below the bridge at Castel Sant'Angelo next to the Tiber river


Time of the year: November
Time of day: early morning photography session 7:00 am to 9:00 am
Duration: 2 hr walking Couple Photoshoot in Rome
Location: Fontana di Trevi | Piazza di Spagna | Pantheon | Ponte Umberto I | Castel Sant’Angelo
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Taking photos together in Rome Italy
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Taking photos together in Rome Italy
An unforgettable walking photo session around Rome's most beautiful and scenic locations in the early morning
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