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Couple photoshoot in Rome

By 18 July 2023February 13th, 2024Colosseum, Rome, Trevi

Taking pictures in Rome!

Trevi fountain and the Roman Colosseum

Meeting directly at the Trevi fountain as our first photoshoot location in Rome. Which we found beautiful as ever! With nice smooth morning light giving the water those vivid emerald green and azure colors that so much remind of the Mediterranean sea. Taking the opportunity to shoot different posed pictures while the number of bystanders was still low. But we couldn’t leave before throwing in the traditional coin in the water fountain. Which does have some implications! And that is, that we would need to come back to Rome in the future!

Then we hopped in a taxi which was idling nearby. And we headed for the Roman Colosseum. Which is about a 15 minute drive. Where we continued with this wonderful couple photoshoot in Rome by taking some nice portraits.  Taking first some photos on small hill overlooking the Colosseum from above. Avoiding in this way the mainstream crowds. Then moving closer to the monument. And taking some really nice portrait pictures with a different angle view. Then we headed to a nearby cobblestone alleyway street which has a really unique background of the Roman Colosseum. Where we took some final walking shots in Rome!

Trevi fountain marble statue close up vertical framing Couple photoshoot in Rome Italy. Creative imagery taken at the Trevi fountain during a photoshoot in RomeSitting down taking pictures at the Roman Colosseum while enjoying the photoshootIn Love in Rome couple photography at the Coliseum

Couple portrait photographed in front of the Trevi water fountain found in Rome Italy Throwing in the coin into the Trevi water fountain in the hope of coming back again in Italy to visit Photo Shooting at the Colosseum in Rome Italy during a couple photography session Walking in Rome during a photoshoot with the Colosseum in the background on a cobblestone alleyway


Time of the year: Late June
Time of day: Mid morning 10:00 am
Services: 1 hour couple photoshoot in Rome
Locations: Trevi fountain, Colosseum 

Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photographer studio: Wedding Photographer Italy. Couple photoshoot in Rome. Start here: Italy photoshoot to learn more about our proposal session in Amalfi, Photographer Rome, Venice proposal or Tuscany photoshoot. If you are looking to propose in Rome Proposal page!

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Couple photoshoot in Rome
Article Name
Couple photoshoot in Rome
Couple photo shoot in Rome starting at the Trevi fountain and ending at the Roman Colosseum
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