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By 12 July 2018February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Walking in central Rome

We started this wonderful photo shoot in Rome in the early morning at the Trevi fountain. Shooting some nice and romantic images with the beautiful fountain and statues in the background. Trying to capture the essence of this exclusive location from different angles. Then we set off on foot to reach Piazza Navona. Shooting pictures along the way stopping by what we found inspiring. Such as ancient doorways and picturesque portico like the one found in Piazza Montecitorio.

We stopped by the Roman Pantheon to snap some nice portrait pictures under the large columns. And by the water fountain to get a sense of how large this monument is. Then we cut across the streets to reach Piazza Navona. Where we took pictures sitting down on marble bench before the central fountain of the four rivers. Also including images shot at the other two fountains that are found in this remarkable square!

Coupe standing before the beautiful Trevi fountain white marble statues

Kissing in at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

A view of the beautiful fountain water and architecture from above

Couple dipping image inside beautiful portico

Portrait picture of a couple at the Roman Pantheon during a photo shoot

Sitting down image of a couple in love at the fontana dei 4 fiumi. Piazza Navona

Portrait photo of a romantic couple


Time of the year: June
Time of day: Early monring
Duration: 2 hr walking photo session
Location: Trevi | Pantheon | Navona
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio.
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Photo shoot in Rome Italy
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Photo shoot in Rome Italy
A beautiful and romantic photography session walking around the central city of Rome from Trevi fountain to Piazza Navona in wonderful pictures
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