Couple photo session in Rome

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On a scenic walk around the city of Rome

This was a great day for a photo session in Rome. Starting at the Trevi fountain with beautiful spring sunshine. Then our photo walk began. Passing through Galleria Colonna to capture some nice portrait pictures inside with the beautiful mosaic ceiling and the lead away lights. Then just on the other side of the gallery. We took some more shots under the portico around Piazza Montecitorio where the Italian Chamber of Deputies is located. And were shot a few more pics.

Then we entered Piazza della Rotonda with the majestic view of the Roman Pantheon. Where we took some pictures around the obelisk and then right underneath the oculus with the light shining through. Then we ventured onward passing through San Ivo alla Sapienza for some quick snapshots. And then continuing on to the Roman Forum. With a beautiful view over the ancient ruins. And where our photo shoot concluded.

Couple portrait session taken inside Galleria Alberto Sordi

Coupe sitting down posing on the water edge of the Trevi fountain

Posing under colonnade in the roman streets

Standing under the light from the oculus in the Roman PantheonSitting down close to one another in Piazza delle TartarugheRomantic photoshoot in the roman cobble stone street alleyways. Image by Andrea Matone photographerStanding on the staircase of Piazza del Campidoglio

Silhouette image of a couple standing under porticoWalking in the streets of RomePortrait picture standing close to one another under an ancient roman archPosed before the ancient roman forum. Couple photo session in Rome


Time of the year: Aprile
Time of day: midday
Duration: 2 hr walking photo session through the streets of Rome
Location: Trevi | Galleria Colonna | Piazza Montecitorio | Pantheon | Piazza delle Tartarughe | roman alleyways | Forum | Piazza del Campidoglio | Colosseum
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio

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Taking photos around the city of Rome
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Taking photos around the city of Rome
A beautiful photo shoot walking around the city stopping by to take some unique couple photos.
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