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Couple in Rome PhotoShoot

By 21 October 2023January 19th, 2024Colosseum, Couple, Pincio, Rome, Spanish steps, Trevi

Taking pictures in Rome

Spanish steps

What a unique Rome Photoshoot this was! Starting in the early AM and meeting directly in Piazza di Spagna. So early that we can consider this a night photography session! Where it was still dark out and nobody was truly around! As we were walking towards Piazza di Spagna. We noticed an interesting doorway to use as background. Lit by two side light poles. Giving it the perfect photography lighting setup! So we took our initial Couple in Rome PhotoShoot portraits there.

Starting the Rome Photographer session soon after at the bottom of the Spanish steps. Right in front of the magnificent staircase with church Trinità dei Monti on top. The lighting in Via Condotti in this case provided to light the scene! Then we moved up the stairs to reach the different plateaus. Taking some interesting pictures playing with the different geometries that the staircase creates if you look at it sideways! Then we found this great spot that was also well lit to pose for some final portrait pictures in this location. With the car waiting for us on top of the steps to take us to the next photoshoot location.

Trevi fountain

Which was the magnificent Trevi fountain. As beautiful as ever. With not so many people around. So we had to include it in our Couple in Rome PhotoShoot in consideration of the time and the beauty of the location! Arriving was easy because there was no traffic at all. With the streets still deserted. So we were able to quickly get all the shots we needed in a short amount of time!

Photography portrait couple photoshoot in Rome by a wooden doorway lit at night by two light polesLove story photo session in Rome couple taking pictures at the bottom of the Spanish steps in the very early morningTogether in Rome taking black and white pictures together with a professional photographer

Black and white conversion of a couple looking at the Spanish steps in Rome ItalyBlack and white photography with a geometrical effectCouple portrait picture taken at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

The Roman Colosseum

We reached the Colosseum as the sun started to rise but with the landmark lighting still on. And the sky starting to color itself in blue light! A unique color combination which we were able to document with nice couple portraits! First down below the Colosseum and later up in this small park which has a really nice view of the whole monument from a side hill.

Pincio Park terrace

Our next stop was the beautiful skyline view of the city of Roe from the Pincian hill. Taking some nice photographs on the main terrace with the metal railing all to ourselves. So we also included pictures on the other terrace made of marble. Including some nice snapshots underneath the large Mediterranean pine trees.

Via Margutta

Our last stop was Via Margutta. A street made famous by the film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. So we got dropped off on one end and we walked the street looking for some nice Couple in Rome PhotoShoot images. Finding some nice cobblestone alleyways to use as background with green ivy leaves in the far distance.

At this point the city started to wake up and the morning traffic was on the rise. So we ended the couple photo shoot in a very atypical bar. Made inside what it seemed to be a sculptor’s laboratory!

Posing in front of the Roman Colosseum at sunset

Sitting down in front of the Colosseum during a couple Rome photoshoot

Meeting in Rome during a black and white photography sessionPosed underneath large Mediterranean pine trees in RomeDrinking an Italian espresso coffee together under nice marble sculptures. Couple in Rome PhotoShoot

Sideway portrait while looking at each other with the beautiful roman skyline in the backgroundWalking in Via Margutta in Rome to take unique and creative pictures. Couple in Rome PhotoShoot

Original color image of a couple at Parco del Pincio looking at the beautiful skyline at sunrise Black and white version of a color image taken during a Rome couple photography session


Time of the year: mid October
Time of day: 6:00 am in the morning
Services: 2.5 hour Couple in Rome PhotoShoot with car service and black and white photography conversion
Location: Piazza di Spagna, Trevi fountain, Colosseum, Parco del Pincio, and Via Margutta
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the Andrea Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. For proposal photography in Rome click here. You may find Rome Family Photography here!

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Couple in Rome PhotoShoot
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