Proposing at the Roman Colosseum

By 22 August 2019February 2nd, 2020Colosseum, Proposal, Rome

With lovely sun setting light

Just an amazing surprise wedding proposal perfectly orchestrated on an intimate hill overlooking the roman Colosseum from a distance! Meeting with the photographer on location after a short car ride. Then reaching the precise spot after a brief walk. A place with a beautiful and unique view over the iconic monument. Perfect for asking the BIG question! Which was welcomed with joy and happiness. Then after introducing each other and catching breath from the great surprise! We continued onward with a fascinating Couple Photo Shoot in around the area. Starting with some nice silhouette shots. Then taking walking couple pictures on ancient roman cobble stone alleyways. Leading to a final portrait session by an old green church door!

Man kneeling down for a Colosseum proposal in Rome candidly photographed at a distance by a professional photographer.

Putting the engagement ring on the hand

Just engaged at the Roman Coliseum

Silhouette photo of a couple posing during an engagement photo shoot in Rome at the Colosseum

Walking in Rome while kissing on ancient cobble stone alleyway street

Holding hands in front of an old green church doorway

Sitting down on a roman alley posing for a picture

Silhouette image of a couple surrounded in a roman environment


Time of the year: August
Time of day: Late afternoon 6:45 pm
Duration: 0.5 hr photography
Location: Colosseum
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Engaged to be Married!
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Engaged to be Married!
A Beautiful and Romantic proposal photographed at the Coliseum followed by a Unique Couple Photo session around the streets of Rome
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