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Traveling to Rome and proposing at Villa Borghese

Surprise wedding proposal in Rome

What a beautiful Surprise Wedding Proposal in Rome this turned out to be! Perfectly orchestrated with the compliance of the weather which brought out a most beautiful sunshiny day! Meeting directly by the small lake in the Villa Borghese park. With the photographer actually taken by surprise by the arrival of our couple! And which had to circle around the lake one more time. But soon to find out why! With a beautiful and romantic marriage proposal in front of Temple of Asclepius. Followed by great joy and happiness which came with us throughout the engagement photo shoot in Rome that followed!

The Temple of Asclepius photographed on the Villa Borghese lake in Rome

Couple admiring the view of the temple from the other side of the lake

Proposing in Rome. Surprise wedding proposal photography candidly shot from a distance

Kissing before the temple during an engagement photoshoot in the Borghese park of Rome Italy

Kissing while holding a bouquet of red roses given to celebrate the engagement photos in Rome

Close up of the engagement ring photographed up close while on top of the red roses

Engagement pictures in Villa Borghese

After catching breath we took a walk in the park heading for the Temple of Diana. While shooting along the way on a park bench. And by the green park grass where we snapped a really nice photo with the just the right light. When we reached the Temple of Diana, we continued with some nice engagement photos. Both outside, posing on the steps as well as inside the small temple. Standing in between the columns and on the central pedestal.

Then we headed to the Pincio park terrace. Which is found on the edge of the park and which overlooks the city of Rome from above with a sweeping view of the skyline. Taking some really nice engagement photos on both terraces. Where in the second terrace we were enlightened by some really nice piano music played by a nearby street musician which brought about a really nice mood!

Walking in Rome holding hands in hands while on an engagement photoshoot

Couple taking photos inside the Temple of Diana. Rome, Italy

Couple just engaged kissing picture in a park with beautiful green grass

Pincio park terrace outlook photography session of a couple kissing

Close up kissing portrait in front of the roman skyline

Sense of urgency which makes out for nice romantic pictures to be taken during a photo shoot in Rome

Kissing underneath a green lush tree in the pincio park terrace of Rome

Looking at each other on the pincio park terrace panoramic outlook while being the subject of photography

Taking our last set of pictures at the Colosseum

Then taking a car transfer from Parco del Pincio to the Roman Colosseum. To continue on with some nice engagement pictures. With the incredibile monument of the Colosseum in background!

Up in the air at the Roman Colosseum. Photographer session

Spinning around picture by the Coliseum


Time of the year: end of April
Time of day: midday 1:00 pm into the early afternoon
Services: 2 hr photo shoot with one way car transfer from Parco del Pincio to the Colosseum. With a red rose bouquet. Expedient image delivery and retrieve RAW picture files
Location: Villa Borghese lake, Temple of Diana, Terrazza del Pincio, Roman Colosseum 
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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 Traveling to Rome and proposing at Villa Borghese
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Traveling to Rome and proposing at Villa Borghese
A marvelous surprise engagement proposal photographed at the Villa Borghese lake followed by engagement photos in the park and by the Roman Colosseum
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