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Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome

By 20 March 2024Couple, Proposal, Rome

Asking the Big Question!

At the Pincio terrace outlook

In the heart of Rome, where history echos through cobblestone streets and the air is filled with romance. A love story unfolds against the backdrop of the ancient city and the timeless beauty. A Surprise Wedding Proposal in Rome taking place at the enchanting Pincio Terrace outlook, with the sun painting the sky in hues of gold, a magical moment was in the making! Followed by a faithful YES and lots of Joy and Happiness!

As the couple savored the breathtaking views of the Eternal City, they celebrated the view with a toast. A gentle pop and effervescent laughter, the question was asked, and in that fleeting moment, time stood still as the answer filled the air with joy.

Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome on the Pincio park terrace outlook

The Rome cityscape seen from a panoramic outlook

Eating an ice cream together during a surprise engagement photo shoot in Rome

Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome

From the Pincio Terrace outlook, the journey of love continued through the winding streets of Rome, where a taxi ride carried the Photographer from Rome and the newly engaged couple to iconic landmarks that echoed with the whispers of the past. Against the majestic backdrop of the Trevi Fountain, where wishes are cast into the glistening waters, and the Colosseum, a testament to enduring strength and unity, engagement photos in Rome captured the essence of a love story that defied time.

In a city where every corner holds a story and every monument recalls the ancient history of civilization, this surprise proposal transcended the ordinary, weaving together the threads of love, history, and timeless beauty. As the sun set over the ancient city, casting a warm glow, Rome bore witness to a love story that would be remembered through time.

Couple admiring the view of the twin churches in Piazza del Popolo in b&w

Black and white Surprise Engagement photography conversion of a couple posing during a Photo Shoot in Rome

Trevi fountain black and white pictures taken of a couple during their engagement photo shoot

Standing together on a small hill that overlooks the Colosseum from afar

Portrait picture of a newly engaged couple during a photographer session in Rome Italy

Black and White engagement picture

Couple pose portrait in Rome with a bouquet of red roses


Time of the year: mid March
Time of day: 3:30 pm in the afternoon into sunset
Services: 2.5 hour Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome with non professional video. Expedient image delivery. Black and white conversion. Prosecco Italian sparkling wine to celebrate
Location: Parco del Pincio, Piazza del Popolo. Trevi fountain. Roman Colosseum as the in betweens!
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio: Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome. Also available for Rome photoshoots and photoshoots in Italy.  As well as proposal photography in AmalfiPositano photographer sessions. Venice proposals or proposals in Tuscany

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Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome
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Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome
A Surprise Proposal Unfolds at Pincio Terrace and Beyond
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