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Secret Engagement Photoshoot in Rome

By 27 December 2022January 10th, 2023Colosseum, Couple, Forum, Pincio, Proposal, Rome, Spanish steps

Proposing during an engagement photoshoot!

What a great surprise wedding proposal candidly photographed during an engagement photoshoot! Starting the session as an ordinary couple photo shoot in Rome only to turn into a beautiful and romantic wedding proposal! Where we began by taking a car service to reach our first destination. Which was the Spanish steps, embellished with Christmas decorations. That gave the photoshoot a wonderful holiday feeling! Moving from the top of the stairs. Taking pictures below Church Trinita’ dei Monti. And all the way down to the Barcaccia water fountain. Which has a fantastic view of the Spanish steps!

Hopping back into the car to reach the nearby Pincio park terrace. And its astounding view over the roman skyline. This is where the proposal was to take place! And after a few pictures had been taken. The Big question was asked! Which was welcomed with a lot of joy and happiness. And a little bit of emotion! Then we continued taking scenic engagement pictures with the beautiful panorama. In beautiful sun rising light. Including some really nice pictures of the engagement ring!

Couple passionately kissing next to the Barcaccia water fountain found at the Spanish steps in Rome Italy. Knee down wedding marriage proposal photographed at Parco del Pincio. With a beautiful water puddle reflection which gave the photo extra atmosphereHolding hands during an engagement photoshoot. Secret Engagement Photoshoot in Rome Italy

Posing couple in front of the Trinita' dei Monti church. Piazza di Spagna. RomaShe said yes moment photographed at Villa Borghese parco del Pincio. In front of a stunning view of the city of Rome at sunriseTaking couple pictures at the Roman Forum during a photoshoot in Rome Italy

Engagement photoshoot

Taking pictures in ancient Rome

After the wonderful surprise! We drove over to the ancient part of Rome. Starting in Piazza del Campidoglio. Which has a one of kind view over the ancient city of Rome. With what remains of ancient temples and monuments in the background. Obtaining different backdrops by just changing angle view. Including some really nice views of the Colosseum in the far distance. Then we walked over to the other side of the forum. To gain a different perspective. One that would describe the vastness of the forum. Heading down to Septimius Severus arch, which we used as unique and creative frame around our portrait pictures!

Before hopping back in the car. We walked over to a another terrace view. To get a different view over the city of Rome. And of the Vittoriano monument. Giving us the possibility to shoot some nice silhouette images as well.

Sitting down on a ledge before the distant view of the Roman Colosseum and ancient Rome Couple portrait sitting down before an ancient temple at the roman forum

Holding hands together by the Roman Forum during a photo shoot in Rome ItalyAsking the big question. Proposing at the Roman Forum. Engagement photoshoot

Wide angle view picture of a couple standing before the sweeping view of the ancient city of Rome

Gesture of chivalry while taking pictures on a roman engagement photo session

Roman Colosseum

Reaching the Colosseum as our final shooting location. Where we took some really nice shots over by a nearby hill. Which has a privileged view over the Colosseum from aside. Then moving into the streets of Rome. Capturing some truly unique and creative photos of just walking around on cobblestone alleyway streets. With such a unique background!

Couple taking pictures at the Roman Colosseum

Couple photoshoot at the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy

In love in Rome. Walking together on a cobblestone alleyway during a photo session in Rome Italy


Time of the year: mid December
Time of day: 9:00 am
Photo service: 2.5 hour photography service with car service and expedient image delivery
Car service: courtesy of WheretoRome
Locations: Spanish steps | Pincio park in Villa Borghese | Piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the Roman Forum | Roman Colosseum
Post processing: curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our photo sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Asking the Big question in Rome Italy
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Asking the Big question in Rome Italy
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