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Sant’Angelo bridge proposal

Wedding proposal on the Sant’Angelo bridge

A beautiful and romantic wedding marriage proposal in Rome perfectly set up on the Castel Sant’Angelo bridge. To have Saint Peter‘s dome framed in the far distance as background! A beautiful moment followed by the faithful yes! And a lot of joy and happiness in the midst of everyday life and people walking up and down the bridge. Then after getting acquainted with the photographer. We continued with a unique and creative engagement photo session! Starting right there on the bridge with some nice portraits under one of the large marble statues found on the side of the bridge. Also capturing some really nice pictures of the engagement ring. With hands photographed over the ancient sign of the Saint Angel bridge. Then after we descended down to the Tiber river level. Where the water had just retraced from overflowing. Leaving a layer of slippery mud which made the shoot even more interesting!

Sant'Angelo bridge Proposal Photography in Rome Italy

The moment in which she said yes to the proposal!

Just engaged in Rome on the Sant'Angelo bridge in Rome

Close up image of the engagement ring photographed over the ancient bridge sign

Walking together on the bridge after the proposal for the engagement pictures

Taking pictures on Via Condotti

We then headed to Via Condotti. Which is a really nice street that offers so many different great photo opportunities. Such as typical roman cobblestone alleyways side streets with drinking water fountains. Different ancient doorways to be used as backgrounds to portrait pictures. And an inspiring circular square with distant lights.

Roman alleyway pictures taken in front of an old vintage store in the streets of Rome

Engagement photo session down by the Tiber river level with the Castle and the Bridge in the far distance

Couple kissing on a set of staircase found in the cobble stone streets of Rome Couple holding hands in a roman Piazza in front of water fountain

Couple portrait in the roman alleyways and streets Couple kissing during an engagement photo session in Rome Italy

Engagement photography in front of an ancient green door

Walking on a roman cobblestone alleyway

Couple portrait photographed in front of an ancient green doorway


Time of the year: January
Time of day: afternoon 4:15 pm into evening
Services: 1 hour photography with expedient image delivery
Location: Castel Sant’Angelo and Via dei Coronari 
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Sant'Angelo bridge proposal photography
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Sant'Angelo bridge proposal photography
A beautiful and romantic surprise wedding proposal taking place on the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge in Rome Italy. Followed by a unique and creative Engagement PhotoShoot
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