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Proposal in Janiculum hill

By 25 January 2024Janiculum, Proposal, Rome

Capturing Forever: Proposal Photography

Janiculum Hill, Rome

Rome, the eternal city, is a place steeped in romance and history, making it the perfect setting for a Rome proposal. With its stunning architecture, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking vistas, Rome offers a multitude of locations that are ideal for capturing that special moment forever. Among these, Janiculum Hill stands out as one of the most enchanting and picturesque spots for a proposal.

Perched on the western edge of the Tiber River, Janiculum Hill offers panoramic views of Rome’s iconic skyline. As the sun sets behind Mediterranean pine trees, the golden light casts a warm, romantic glow over the entire roman cityscape, creating a magical atmosphere for truly unforgettable engagement photos in Rome!

The proposal itself was a moment of pure emotion! A blend of excitement and overwhelming joy. Against the backdrop of Rome’s timeless beauty, this moment became even more extraordinary! The joy of the proposal and the shared embrace are all emotions that were beautifully captured in photographs, preserving the memory for a lifetime.

Surprise wedding marriage proposal condifly photographed at a distance by the Andrea Matone photographer studio in Rome Italy. Proposal in Janiculum hillPortrait picture of a couple taken during a photography session in Rome by the Fontanone water fountain in Italy. Proposing on the Janiculum hillEngagement Photographer Rome Italy. Silhouette image of a couple during a Rome photoshoot session

Just engaged in Rome Italy during a couple photoshoots in the streets of Rome, Italy. Proposal in Janiculum hillWalking in Rome. Couple holding hands and walking by statue busts and typical roman trees Sitting down portrait during engagement photography in Rome Italy by the Andrea Matone photographer studio

Our photographers in Rome understand the significance of capturing this occasion and have the expertise to artfully document the fleeting moment. The winding paths, lush greenery, and classic Roman architecture provide a variety of backdrops for the engagement photos that followed. Whether it’s beneath the shade of a Mediterranean pine trees, against the backdrop of an ancient water fountain, or with the skyline of Rome spread out below, each location on Janiculum Hill offers a unique charm and visual appeal.

After the proposal, we took a moment to catch breath, met with the proposal photographer and continued on to capture more candid moments and splendid posed portraits. These candid shots, along with the carefully composed portraits, came together to create a visual narrative that tells the story of this special day in Rome.

Every proposal is a unique and intimate experience, and Janiculum Hill in Rome provides an idyllic backdrop for such a significant occasion. With the expertise of professional photographers, every precious moment of a proposal on Janiculum Hill can be captured in stunning detail, creating a timeless visual story of love and commitment.

As the sun sets over the rooftops of Rome, we moved over to a different angle view. To shoot some more pictures with a different backdrop. That of Saint Peter’s basilica in the distance. Then moving over to the adjacent Acqua Paola water fountain. Which was just a short 10 minute walk. Where we captured some more nice engagement photos.  Taking some more nice portraits by the fountain and with the stunning city of Rome background at sunset! Which produced some really nice artistic photos. Ending the photoshoot in Italy with some final portraits by an interesting and colorful building and doorway!

Showing off the engagement ring during a photo shoot in the Eternal city of Rome Italy. Janiculum hill proposal Couple holding on to a blue door ring with their engagement rings on

Picture of a sitting down couple by a colorful doorway and building through a metal railing In Love in Rome photo session of a couple taking pictures by an interesting doorway in Rome Italy. Taking engagement picture after a Janiculum hill proposal


Time of the year: Late January
Time of day: 4:00 pm in the afternoon
Services: 1 hour photoshoot in Rome
Locations: Janiculum Hill. Proposing marriage in Piazzale Garibaldi for the Janiculum hill proposal taking engagement photos in the environs. Including a nice view of Saint Peter’s dome cathedral in the Vatican. Then walking to the nearby Fontana dell’Acqua Paola water fountain while taking engagement photos along the way.
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio: Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Also available for Wedding Photographer Italy services.  Start here to learn more about our proposal photography in Amalfi, Positano photographer sessions. Proposal in Venice or Tuscany proposal.

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 Proposal in Janiculum hill
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Proposal in Janiculum hill
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