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Orange Garden Proposal Photography in Rome

Proposing Marriage at the Orange Garden in Rome

As the sun begins its descent over the Eternal City, the Orange Garden in Rome becomes a place of magic and romance. With its sweeping views of the Tiber River, St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance, and the city’s terracotta rooftops, it’s a setting that whispers of timeless love. Picture this: as the golden hour starts to descend on the garden in a warm glow, a couple takes a leisurely stroll along the fragrant citrus trees. Underneath the taller Mediterranean pine trees.

When on the terrace and admiring the view. To her surprise, he drops to one knee, presenting a sparkling ring just as the sun kisses the horizon. Emotions crescendo as he asks for her hand in marriage in Rome, and with tears of joy, she nods in absolute astonishment. Candidly photographed and video recorded by a nearby photographer in Rome. The Orange Garden, with its serene beauty and panoramic splendor, becomes the backdrop to a moment they’ll cherish for a lifetime—a symbol of love, hope, and the promise of a future together!

Rome cityscape

Giradino degli Aranci

Surprise wedding proposal photography at the Orange Garden in Rome Italy. Orange Garden Proposal Photography in Rome

Just engaged in Rome Italy after a romantic wedding marriage proposal

Couple photoshoot at the Orange garden in Rome. Giardino degli Aranci engagement photography

Engagement photography during the golden hour overlooking the city of Rome

Together in Rome. Pictures taken at sunset in rome in Rome's Orange garden


Time of the year: January
Time of day: 4:00 pm in the afternoon during the golden hour into sunset
Duration: 0.5 hr proposal photography with video recording
Location: Giardino degli Aranci
Curated images by the Andrea Matone Rome Photographer studio. Start here to learn more about our Photoshoots in Italy and our Rome photoshoot sessions. For prices and booking click here. Proposal photographer Rome

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Orange Garden Proposal Photography in Rome
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Orange Garden Proposal Photography in Rome
A Romantic Surprise Proposal candidly photographed and video recorded at the Orange Garden in Rome Italy
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