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Couples Photo in Amalfi and Positano

Positano Engagement photography

What a lovely day to take beautiful Couple photos in Positano and Amalfi. Meeting with the photographer (and his trusted assistant) first in Positano. Down by the water level. Where the beach was completely deserted. Cleared out from all the beach chairs and umbrellas for the winter season. Giving a fantastic perspective of the vertical town of Positano, which we used as background. Beginning the photo shoot on Marina Piccola. With a truly one of a kind view of the Saracen tower in the far distance. And the dark blue sea all around.

Then moving over to the wide open sandy beach. Taking pictures while strolling around the water side. Leading to the other end of the beachfront. Where we found some nice rock formations. Perfect to step on and allow for different style couple photos depending on the shooting angle. On one side the Amalfi coast background. While when shooting straight on, a more artistic and creative silhouette image in the open sea. Turning to the other side, the beautiful view of the town of Positano. Concluding the photo shoot with some town shots as we walked back to the parking lot. Ultimately to take the cars and head to the town of Amalfi!

Couples photos in Positano in front of the Saracen town found in Marina piccola

Knee down couple portrait with the Amalfi coast in the background

Engagement portrait picture with the town of Positano as backdrop

Engagement couple photo taken next to the beach with the vertical town of Positano in the far distance as backdrop Couple walking in Positano holding hands with bougainvillea flowers above head. Couple photos in Positano alleyway street shots.

Creative and unique silhouette image of a couple posing in front of the Mediterranean sea resting forehead to forehead Couple photoshoot in Positano. Bust up portrait picture. Posed on the beach with the town in the far distance

Couple photos in Amalfi

Then after a scenic 45 min car drive along the Amalfi coast.  Where we saw some really incredible coastal views. We reached the town of Amalfi. Meeting again on the pier. This time with the beautiful view of the town of Amalfi as background. Testing out different poses. And taking the opportunity to shoot on either side of the pier. To get some nice shots of the port and the deep blue water. As well as shots of the Amalfi coast. Getting some nice couple photos on the beach while reaching out for one another. Then moving inside the town to capture some images on the Amalfi cathedral. First down by the wide and long staircase and ultimately on top of the stairs. Where shot some really nice portraits with a medieval Roman Catholic architecture!

Posing on the pier of Amalfi taking pictures with the town in the far distance used as background

Marina grande port couples pictures in Amalfi with the dark blue sea in the back

Sitting down pictures taken on the steps of the Cathedral of Amalfi on the Amalfi coast in Italy

Walking on the beach of Amalfi reaching out hands to one another

Close up portrait picture of a couple posed on the steps of the Amalfi cathedral

Town photos in Amalfi while leaning on the railing talking and smiling

Walking images of a couple in between the columns of the church of Amalfi in Italy


Time of the year: end of November
Time of day: 11:00 am Positano 1:00 pm Amalfi
Duration: 1.5 hr session split up with half the time in Positano and half the time in Amalfi with Expedient image delivery
Location: Positano and Amalfi
Curated imagery by the A. Matone Amalfi photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. Click here for Surprise Wedding proposal on the Amalfi coast or to find out Prices and Bookings in Italy

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Engagement Couples Photos in Positano and on the Amalfi coast.
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Engagement Couples Photos in Positano and on the Amalfi coast.
Starting the photo shoot in Positano and then heading to the town of Amalfi to complete the photo session
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