Trastevere wedding photographer in Rome

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Trastevere Wedding

Getting married in Church Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome Italy is a majestic event as the church is so spectacular both inside and out.  The interior is spacious and the wedding ceremony was delightfully intimate and close, collected at the front of the church for the fascination of the tourists who happened to visit by.  Outside in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere the sun was shining bright and in around the quarter we took some nice pictures just strolling around.  We halted in front of a refreshing ice cream cone which we included in the photography session! Thank you and congratulations!

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Church s Maria in Trastevere seen from the piazza

Interior Church Saint Maria in Trastevere Rome Italy

Column with sunlight Church interior

Church candles. Interior view. Dark picture edit.

The bride with bouquet and the wedding ring

Groom shaking hands before the matrimony ceremony

Photograph of the wedding rings places on a column in a church.

Groom buttoning up jacket before the wedding

Bride smiling at the groom during the church mass

newlyweds joining hands in a symbol of marriage

Groom holding the rings in the palm of the hand.

The exchange of the rings during a church ceremony.

Matrimonial ceremony in Church Saint Mary in trastevere

Marriage ritual inside Chiesa SS Maria Trastevere.

Newlyweds walking out of the church together

Bride together with groom walking in Pzza S. Maria in the Trastevere quarter.

Close up picture of a man and a woman

Trastevere wedding photographer. Picture taken in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. Rome. Italy.

Kissing under ivy leaves

Bride and groom eating ice cream together

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Trastevere wedding photographer in Rome
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Trastevere wedding photographer in Rome
Trastevere wedding photography: a beautiful wedding in magnificent Church Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome by Andrea Matone photographer


  • natalie magaletta says:

    These pics are beautiful Steph, they look like they’re straight out of a wedding magazine. You two looked incredible on BOTH days! The ice cream pics are my fav! xoxo love you

  • Leanne Savone says:

    fotographie assolutamente stupefacente!!!!! When in Rome :))

    Just Beautiful!!!


  • Jenny Makrygiannakis says:

    Seriously I almost got choked up, I’m sorry nothing beats a religious ceremony, it’s so mysterious and special, AND you guys look so happy, imagine that ;)