A wonderful Embassy Wedding

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Getting married in Rome

ok ok ok. We got mixed up at first!  I was waiting outside the entrance and Marita and Svend Olav were waiting inside Park Giardino degli Aranci. But once we got together it all went wonderfully smooth as we started with the wedding photography before the ceremony which took place at the Norwegian Embassy in Rome. The ceremony was heartfelt and soon after we were on the streets below waiting for a taxi to begin our session in around the city.

The Roman itinerary

Then it was onward towards Fontanone del Gianicolo where we would see all of Rome from above with a beautiful water fountain just behind us. On foot we reached the Tempietto del Bramante where we captured some real nice moments together. Taxi round two brought us to the Roman Coliseum where we completed our session. The day was fantastic. Thank you for letting me photograph it!

newlyweds walking at the Giardino degli Aranci

Black and white picture of the newlyweds before the ceremony

Walking away hand in hand

Portrait at Fontanone del Gianicolo

The beautiful view over the city of Rome

Couple just married during the shoot at the Fontanone water fountain

The throwing of the bouquet at Tempietto del Bramante in Rome

Married couple at Tempietto del Bramante

Holding hands together at Tempietto del Bramante

The wedding bride's bouquet in black and white

Kissing in front of the Roman Coliseum

The wedding proposal before the Coliseum in Italy

Kissing at the Roman Colosseum

Wedding couple together at the Coliseum

Embassy matrimony
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Embassy matrimony
A Norwegian embassy wedding celebrated in Rome Italy. With professional pictures taken around the city by car ending with a stunning sunset.

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