Destination Wedding Photography in Rome

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Wedding pictures in Italy

January in Rome or in Italy is an interesting time to come visit as you have a lot less people around. So we had the whole city to ourselves and Ryan & Ruth were great trying out different photo ideas as we drove from site to site.
We started with Fontana di Trevi where moments of cloudy weather alternated with bright sunshine creating an interesting lighting effect. The wedding photo shoot brought us to Piazza di Spagna and Parco del Pincio and then to the Vatican city.  Then hey why not stop by Bocca della Verita’ on our way to the Roman Coliseum.  We finished our photo session inside the Al Viminale Hill Inn Hotel where we found this wonderful pineapple gift. Congratulations to you both!

A pineapple wedding gift

Kissing at the Trevi Fountain. Groom kidding the bride's hand.

Throwing a coin into the fountain called Trevi.

Photos at Fontana di Trevi in Rome

Wedding couple kissing by the Trevi fountain.

Holding hands during a photo shoot in the city

Newlyweds stepping downstairs from a Church

Piazza di Spagna Spanish steps. Couple just married in black and white.

Photographing a couple just married in Piazza di Spagna

Photos at parco del Pincio a Roma

Kissing in love on top of Parco del Pincio

Photographs underneath a tree at Pincio. Destination Wedding Pictures Italy.

Wedding couple on Via della Conciliazione with Saint Peter's in the back

Groom helping bride putting her shoes back on or taking them off

Wedding couple in front of Saint Peter's cathedral in the Vatican city.

Trash the wedding dress

Couple standing at Bocca della Verità

Photographs at the Roman Coliseum in Rome

Chivalry at the Roman Colosseum. Destination Wedding Photography Italy.

Destination wedding photography
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Destination wedding photography
Matrimonial pictures taken in the city of Rome using a car service to reach all the different locations.