A wedding proposal in Rome

By 6 April 2012February 2nd, 2020Proposal, Rome, Trevi

Photographed in secret

The meeting point was at the entrance of the Benetton store in Piazza Fontana di Trevi in Rome Italy. We never met before but we had a plan exchanged via e-mail. When I saw Mark we found a silent understanding and headed down to the water fountain where he would propose to Ashlyn. It was not hard for me to pretend to be one of many tourist photographers with a camera. So I led them to a good spot with nice lighting and set up. Mark waited for some elbow room and when he was ready the proposal began and I started to photograph. Ashlyn was so surprised!

The engagement session

The rest was history. We walked down to Piazza di Spagna finding some nice picture opportunities. The off to Parco del Pincio to continue wit some more engagement photos. Then a nice walk downhill to reach Piazza del Popolo where we would be able to find a taxi. Our lar stop was the Roman Coliseum in all its splendor. Thank you for allowing me to photograph this very special moment. I wish you all the best!

Engagement proposal in secret. The question asked in secrecy. Trevi fountain.

Engaged couple kissing at Fontana di Trevi a Roma.

Putting the engagement ring on the finger.

Kissing an joyful happiness after the big question. Black and white image.

The engaged wedding ring on the hand and finger

Couple kissing at Piazza di Spagna with a little drizzling rain.

On top of Piazza Trinita' dei Monti. Kissing in the streets.

Posing photography. Parco del Pincio. Black and white.

Couple at Parco del Pincio in Rome.

Romantic kiss underneath a green tree.

Couple engagement session by a foot statue in Piazza del Popolo.

Couple engaged to me married at Piazza del Popolo in Rome Italy

Walking away together in a tunnel.

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A romantic proposal photographed at Parco del Pincio with an engagement session.
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Joyful and photogenic proposal from Parco del Pincio down to the center of Rome.

Proposal photographed in secrecy
Article Name
Proposal photographed in secrecy
A wonderful surprise when he asked her the big question. Such joy and happiness with a great Yes! Followed by an interesting engagement style session around the city.


  • Mom says:

    OMG! These are gorgeous! What a perfect place for a proposal! Cudos to Mark for a job well done!

  • Aunt Jo says:

    Ashlyn and Mark,

    Your engagement pictures are just beautiful. What a moment to capture! I am so happy for the two of you and look forward to hearing the plans for your wedding day. Love you both and again……CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES.

    Love, Aunt Jo

  • John Luskey says:

    What great pictures Ashlyn and Mark. Congrats on the start of a wonderful jouney of love. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  • Jen Edwards says:

    Beautiful pictures congratulations!!!!!!! So happy for you :)

  • Paula says:


  • Nic Skerten says:

    What a great idea and such wonderful photographs. Congratulations.

  • Ashlyn says:

    Big thank you to everyone!
    A very special thank you to Andrea. You did an amazing job with these pictures! Mark and I couldn’t be happier and we’re so grateful that you were there to capture our special moment! You are a fantastic photographer!

  • Catie Freed says:

    You both look fabulous and the pictures are amazing!!! Love y’all both!!