Church San Silvestro in Capite Rome

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The wedding photography

It all started in Church San Silvestro in Capite where despite the weather forecast a beautiful summer afternoon awaited. The ceremony was celebrated with wonderful spirit among stunning artistic decorations and sculptures.  By car we reached Parco del Pincio with an astounding view of ancient Rome and then ventured on foot a little bit inside Parco Villa Borghese to get some nice photographs over the bridge and then onto Piazza del Popolo.

A break in between the photo shoot

Before going to Saint Peter’s square we stopped by Regina Hotel Baglioni in via Veneto to shoot some nice interior photographs in their lounge. Then off to the Vatican to enjoy the view and get a nice cool drink of water from the fountain in the piazza. Gianicolo was next with its beautiful green and azure water fountain and breathtaking view of Rome. Our last stop was the Tiber island bridge. Congratulations again for the wonderful and long awaited for wedding in Rome!

Church of Saint Silvestro. Pallottine Fathers (Padri Pallottini)

Bus stop Piazza S. Silvestro. Public transport system.

Interior Church of San Silvestro Capite artistic decorations and frescoes. Rooftop.

The bride enters the Church accompanied

Church wedding ceremony. Roman Catholic ritual.

The exchange of the rings during a catholic wedding ceremony

Union of hands together during wedding ceremony

Black and whit photograph of inside Church Silvestro Capite the stairs leading down

Newlyweds married in Rome Italy at Pincio park overlooking the city

Wedding pictures taken at parco del pincio a roma

Walking around a multi color water fountain in Piazza del Popolo.

Luxurious wedding picture with inside a prestigious Italian hotel

Bride and groom standing next to each other by a hotel elevator

Newlyweds entering Piazza San Pietro Saint Peter's square in the Vatican

Walking under the colonnade in Saint peter's square in the Vatican.

Wedding couple at Fontana del Gianicolo

Married couple at Gianicolo water fountain in the city of Rome

newlyweds walking across the street in Piazza del Gianicolo

Hugging on the bridge of Tiber island in Rome

Here are some other weddings celebrated in Italy that may be of interest.

A wonderful matrimony in between Frascati and Grottaferrata in the Castelli Romani area.
Symbolic marriage in the very center of Rome Italy.
A unique Catholic wedding in the Trastevere quarter.
An interesting symbolic marriage at Giardino degli Aranci.

Getting married in a Catholic Church
Article Name
Getting married in a Catholic Church
Getting married in S. Silvestro in Capite in the center of Rome Italy. A beautiful Catholic wedding followed by the photography shoot.

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