Getting Engaged in Rome

By 4 May 2011July 3rd, 2014Couple

A great engagement photo

A joyful afternoon playing around with the city of Rome in pictures. Running around discovering new scenes and having fun with photography. Enjoying the company of one another while dancing underneath porticoes and in between ancient columns. Taking great images in Saint Peter’s square and playing with an classic carousel near Castel Sant’Angelo.

An explosion of colors

Like in an Amy Gee advertisement from London New York Tokyo photographed in Rome like life in black and white. Whispering laughing waving or just hanging out in beautiful views pointing like they do in postcards or in wonderful paintings.  Like the ones found in Piazza Navona among thousands of tourists and marks and writing on a wall.
Fantastic smiles coming to life in pictures as we walk back underneath the portico of San Ivo alla Sapienza seen also from above as if it was in black and white. The light shining in from the hole in the dome of the Roman Pantheon is a majestic explosion of high key luminescence which overexposes everything and illuminates love as chanel would want. Not sitting down in front of the roman coliseum but lifted up to the sky.

Wedding engagement couple having fun on a carousel

In love underneath the Colonnade of Saint Peter's square in the Vatican city.

Kissing at Castel Sant'Angelo with a beautiful view behind them.

Man and woman indicating on Via della Conciliazione on a Vatican tour

Couple close together on Castel Sant'Angelo bridge in the center

Ponte Castel San Angelo bridge in black and white in the centre

An old classic carousel in the city during an engagement session

Black and white image on a carousel near Castle Saint Angel

Having fun and walking talking and laughing on the bride in front of the Sant'Angelo Castle

Couple portrait in Piazza Navona by the fountain

Getting engaged in Rome. Couple sitting down in front of Saint Peter's square with the Dome in the distance.

Black and white picture taken in Piazza Navona as they walk by.

Photo portrait of boy and girl in love in Italy

Couple holding on to each other walking underneath the portico in Church San Ivo alla Sapienza

Photo Tour at Saint Ivo alla Sapienza

Walking under the beautiful portico in S. Ivo alla Sapienza

The sunlight coming from the hole in the dome of the Roman Pantheon in Rome Italy

Couple in love at the Roman Pantheon during an engagement session.

Fashion kissing in the heart of the ancient city by Chanel sign.

A romantic relaxing spot by the Coliseum.

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Couple engaged in Rome
Article Name
Couple engaged in Rome
Young Asian couple just engaged in Rome. An engagement photo session of them walking around the city and having fun as they visit and celebrate.