Wedding photography in Rome

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Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome Italy

The day finally came around to meet in person. At first it seemed as if the events might have had the better:  the wedding dress got irreversibly stained during the flight transfer, threats of rain and a lot of grey skies, some rescheduling and some camera problems. But as I stepped off my scooter to meet Jerit & Tricia I found extraordinary people to shoot some great wedding photography in Rome began.

The walking itinerary

I had a general itinerary in mind but I always leave a door open to discover new places and Roman secrets.  So we stepped in a building we saw along the way and were tipped off by a really friendly doorkeeper which gave us indications to reach Palazzo Brancaccio. Wow. What an extraordinary historical venue elegant unique stylish refined.

Wedding photography

We quickly photographed the best we could in the little time available and it was fun!  Then towards the Roman Colosseum to catch a tram which wasn’t there.  A wonderful day, a great day. Thank you for letting me photograph it!

Romance in an empty building. Kissing picture.

Couple dancing. Wedding photography Palazzo Brancaccio Rome Italy

Couple posing inside a famous building in Italy

Couple first dance

Reception dancing

Modern photography session with a wedding couple

Couple kissing in the streets of Rome Italy with the Roman Coliseum in background

Kissing after with the Roman Colosseum Coliseum

Destination marriage honeymoon
Article Name
Destination marriage honeymoon
A unique photographic experience of a couple getting their matrimonial pictures taken in Rome at Palazzo Brancaccio.