Honeymoon photography in Rome with Andrea Matone

By 13 October 2011February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Rome honeymoon photography

The Roman Colosseum can be a spectacular location for an engagement like photo shoot especially when you are taking pictures of a couple in love on their honeymoon through Europe. The weather was just perfect as we circled around the Colosseum looking for new angles and perspectives. Only to stop in a bar for a cup of something or an execute for a pretty view from the inside.

A wonderful summer day

Great pictures come when you are relaxed and at ease. A wonderful experience which finished when we went back to the hotel to capture some unique images from the terrace. We went all the way up the top floor. What a nice view from above! Not to mention the really nice pool which looked so inviting! 

Couple in honeymoon sitting down in front of the Colosseum and having fun talking

Romantic portrait in front of the ancient Coliseum

More modern picture taken in front of the metro stop line B Colosseo

Drinking tea and chocolate at a bar near the Coliseum

Romantically kissing in black and white

Close-up with the Colosseum in the background

Romantic image taken at the Coliseum

In love in Rome during a honeymoon

Honeymoon photo shoot in Rome. Romantically in love by the Coliseum

Kissing on the top of a hotel overlooking the landmarks

Stylish black and white picture


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Rome Honeymoon photos
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Rome Honeymoon photos
A romantic honeymoon picture session. In around the environs of the Colosseum with final pictures on top of a hotel with a stunning terrace view.