Engagement photographer session in Rome

By 28 July 2011 Couple

The photo shoot

A stunningly beautiful day for an engagement photo shoot around town which began by car in the outskirts of Rome with Fontana di Trevi as our fist stop. Our trusted driver took this tiny alleyway which really looked too narrow from the start but I didn’t want to say anything!  We had about a palm hand distance from side to side  but we pulled out (I don’t know how) to find ourselves looking at the stunningly beautiful facade of  Fontana di Trevi where we began what turned out to be a wonderful photo shoot.

All the locations

We continued in Piazza di Spagna where we played with the beautiful views of the Roman skyline as background and Via del Corso leading away in the distance.  The Spanish steps and Church Trinita’ dei Monti offer so many wonderful photo ideas. We moved onwards to Parco del Pincio overlooking the beautiful Roman skyline and Piazza del Popolo. We opted for a change of clothing before moving to our next destinations: Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican.

A refreshing ice cream

Our next stop was the Trastevere quarter where we  went looking for hanging wash from the old building windows. We ran into this bright colorful van which was giving away free ice tea to quench our summer thirst before our last stop: the Roman Colosseum. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your visit in Rome.  I wish you all the best to come!

Fontana di Trevi front facade vertical in color

Engagement couple looking at the Roman skyline.

Kissing in the terrace of Trinita' dei Monti with Via del Corso far out in the distance.

Kissing underneath Church Trinita' dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna during an engagement session.

A Love Story. Couple kissing in the eternal city.

Black and white photos in a park with superman statues.

Bright colourful pictures during an e-session shoot.

Professional portrait of a beautiful couple. Rome Engagement Photographer.

Open air and blue sky overlooking the city from Parco del Pincio.

In love and kissing in Parco del Pincio overlooking piazza del Popolo.

Engagement couple photo session in Rome by Piazza del Popolo

A couple holding each other by a water fountain in Piazza del Popolo

Kissing on the sidewalk of Castel Sant'Angelo bridge.

Young and in love on Ponte Sant Angelo.

Stunning images taken om the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge.

Crossing the streets of Via della Conciliazione Saint Peter's Vatican.

Photography session underneath the columns in Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican.

Holding hands and dancing under the Vatican Colonnade in Saint Peter's square.

Kissing and in love under the columns of Saint Peter's square.

Holding each other and leaning on a column in Saint Peter's square.

Portrait photography underneath the Basilica of Saint Peter's in the Vatican square.

A picture taken in the car as we moved from place to place

Trastevere in all its decadent beauty with a 500 cento car in the picture.

The trastevere quarter photographed in black and white underneath hanging wash clothes.

Woman holding ice cream cone in Italy

Close up of a couple eating ice-cream together in black and white

Laughing and smiling while eating icecream together

Posing in front of Nestea van offering free ice tea drinks in summertime

Couple posing in front of the Roman Colosseum

Woman close up face portrait picture

Kissing a the Roman Colosseum

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Article Name
Truly Roman engagement session
Walking around the city during a unique e-session looking for truly typical aspects of the Roman culture to photograph.