A dazzling engagement photo session

By 2 September 2011February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

In the Eternal city of Rome

Met Monika and Todd on the spur of the moment while on their trip to Italy for a fun and colorful and acrobatic engagement photo session around Rome. These guys were fun and I had to be on the tip of my toes to stay behind them! We jumped around from place to place discovering new angles of Rome I had never seen before.

A beautiful walk around town

We started at the Constantine Arch and passed through the Roman Coliseum where we met a variety of people along the way (yes those are boy scouts from Korea). We passed by Piazza Venezia and stopped at the Altare della Patria monument where the great white marble and the stunningly beautiful blue sky made for a perfect backdrop before reaching Pizza Fontana di Trevi for our last stop. A refreshing ice cream could not be passed over so we stopped for one and included it in pictures! A beautiful day spent together. Wish you all the best!

Couple taking the subway metro during a photo session

Kissing in black and white photography in front of the Roman Coliseum

Holding girl female woman by the Coliseum. Engagement Photography Rome. Shouldn't it be fun and creative!?

Romantic photo by the Forum in ancient Italian city

Black and white taken in the streets near the Colosseum

Acrobatic jump by couple near the streets by the Coliseum

Sitting on marble steps by the Coliseum

Couple photographed among passing by tourists at the Coliseum

Man holding woman up high before the Roman Colosseum

Dancing and playing around in front of the Coliseum

Jumping high up in the air with the Colosseum as a background

Having fun with photography in Italy

Photo tour around Imperial ancient Forum

Posing underneath ancient Roman columns by the Forums

Bright colorful sunglasses wore in the streets during a photographer session

Walking up stairs Altare della Patria on Piazza Venezia

Il Vittoriano monument. Walking down.

Engagement session photo among tourists

Couple looking at Italian ice cream in Italy

Sugar chocolate and sprinkle coded ice cream cones

Woman tasting eating ice cream

Feeding each other ice cream in black and white image

Eating lemon ice cream together during an e-session

Italian renaissance building palazzo interior architecture

Kissing and dancing during an engagement photo session

Black and white photography session

Engagement session in Piazza Fontana di Trevi

The engagement ring photographed in black and white

Please find below other engagement photography session photographed in around the city on foot or by car.

E-Style session: a romantic walk through the city
Laid back photo shoot around the city. Strolling hand in hand on a visiting holiday
Engaged in Rome and loving it!
Vacation photography: A Roman Holiday film reenactment

Having fun on an e-session
Article Name
Having fun on an e-session
A fun and romantic engagement photo session among ancient landmarks and acrobatic jumps together with professional photographer Andrea Matone.