The Photo Session Engagement

By 17 February 2012February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Taking professional pictures in Rome

A stunningly beautiful morning to walk around the city for a truly unique engagement photo session.  It was a little cold at first but after walking around a bit we got warmed up. The sun played its part by lifting up in the sky and provided such beautiful light shining through the Roman Coliseum and over the ancient cobble stone road. The Coliseum is such an interesting location for the eye of a photographer providing so many great picture opportunities. But we did have to move on, so we headed towards the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps by taking small off the beaten track roman alleyways. These places provide such great image opportunities. It was a great day and a pleasure to have made the acquaintance!

Engagement session portraiture. Engaged couple posing at the Roman Coliseum

Kissing in front of ancient artifacts

Picture of a couple at the metro stop line B Colosseo

Taking the subway metro during an engagement session

Portrait at the exit of the Roman Coliseum metro subway stop

Image of a romantic couple posing in front of the Coliseum. Photo Session Engagement.

Couple image from a distance in front of the Colosseum

Engagement picture before ancient landmarks

Walking hand in hand in black and white pictures

Walking together in the alleyways and off the beaten track roads

Kissing in the streets of Rome where ancient meets less ancient

Engaged couple together on the stairway of an old church

Holding hands together

Romantic engagement couple together at the Trevi fountain

Spanish steps Piazza di Spagna water fountain

Black and white picture sitting on the stairs of Piazza di Spagna

Kissing in Piazza di Spagna. Romantically in love in the eternal city of Rome.


A Roman e-session
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A Roman e-session
An inspiring engagement session in Rome Italy. Beautiful photography from around the city during the winter season in Italy by Andrea Matone