An engagement photo session

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At the Roman Coliseum

We began our engagement photos under uncertain cloudy sky and stayed around the Roman Colosseum for the whole duration of our photo shoot. But there was nothing uncertain about this wonderful day as we took beautiful pictures trying out different techniques. Alternating color and black & white photography. We had a nice bar waiting for us just around the corner should the weather decide for rain.

Uncertain cloudy sky

The result was nice as the first drops of rain brought us inside an Italian bar where the romantic photography continued with a warm cup of coffee framed in a striking window view of the Roman Coliseum. In the meantime, the rain outside stopped for at least one more photo. Pictures can be so romantic in the rain. Especially if you have a photographer crazy enough to follow you! Best wishes on everything to come!

Couple holding hands looking at the Coliseum from above image in black and white. Out of focus effect.

Engagement photography by the Coliseum under uncertain blue sky.

Engagement picture taken before the view of the Colosseum

Romantic photo of a couple standing on the metal bridge in front of the Colosseum

Man and woman holding hands during an engagement photography session

Engagement photos taken in front of the Colosseo subway stop

Looking onward toward the monument of Colosseo

Kissing inside a cafe shop bar in center of the city with the view of the Colosseum in the back. Rainy Engagement Photos in Rome.

Couple chatting and having a good time inside an Italian bar

A couple kissing in front of green leaves after the rain.

Here is a selected number of similar engagement sessions.

This was an anniversary photo shoot which also successfully dodged the rain.
A surprise proposal in the rain overlooking the beautiful city.
Rain also falling on a beautifully romantic wedding in Capri

Rainy engagement session
Article Name
Rainy engagement session
A rainy photographic session in around the Coliseum. Capturing a few images outside and a coffe inside waiting for the rain to stop to capture one last good picture.


  • Zeneida Gil says:

    I love you Nathan!!!… and Andre, thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures given the conditions. ;-)

  • Elizabeth Volovecky Hayes says:

    These are gorgeous, Nathan! You both look SO happy! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing :)