Late afternoon engagement session

By 9 January 2012February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

On a roman walk

We started off with this picture of the feet and shoes which was really not meant to be I was just checking the settings on my camera but it came out kind of cool! This was happening in Piazza Fontana di Trevi where we took some pictures with the beautiful water fountain in the background before heading over to Piazza di Spagna starting above from Trinità dei Monti. I just love the picture of the scribe watching them kiss! We proceeded down the Spanish steps to the water fountain below and onwards into Via del Corso as we continued shooting.

The car ride

The car waited to take us to Parco del Pincio with a beautiful sweeping view of the city of Rome where we continued the photographer session.  Our next stop was Ponte degli Angeli in front of Castel Sant’Angelo and below to the Tiber river banks. Afterwards we took Via della Conciliazione to reach Saint Peter’s square and onwards to the Roman Colosseum where our photo session ended. Beautiful day beautiful couple: all my best!

Couple posing in front of a store window

Engagement couple having fun. Trevi fountain. Black and White image.

Engagement photo shoot Rome Italy. Kissing on the Spanish Steps in Rome Italy

Looking at the sunset at the Spanish steps. Observing the great view from above.

Kissing on Via del Corso in the roman streets

Hanging out at Parco del Pincio. Admiring the great view.

Couple together on bridge Castel Sant'Angelo during a photography session.

Couple walking up the stairs from the Tiber river.

Couple romantically kissing by the Tiber river banks.

Hugging on Ponte degli Angeli. In front of the angel statues and the castle.

Together in Saint Peter's square in the Vatican. B&w picture. Motion still effect.

Lifting girlfriend at the Vatican. Having fun at Saint Peter's square.

Kissing by the Roman Coliseum. Romantically in love.

Looking at the Roman Coliseum in the evening

Together in Italy by the Colosseum during the blue hour. Sunset.

Late afternoon engagement session in Rome
Article Name
Late afternoon engagement session in Rome
A beautiful engagement photo shoot in Rome Italy. Starting in the late afternoon and into the evening light over the roman rooftops.