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Couple Rome Photo Shoot

By 7 August 2023August 16th, 2023Colosseum, Couple, Pincio, Rome, Spanish steps, Trevi

Day time photography – part I

Trevi fountain

We started this fun and dynamic photoshoot in Rome at the Trevi fountain. Which is a truly one of a kind location. But not the best location for privacy or for breaking the ice on a the start of a photo session. As it can be very crowded and chaotic. But this didn’t stop us from getting some great pictures right off the start! Turning this wonderful photoshoot into a very spontaneous and fun photoshoot!

So after the Trevi fountain, we took the off the beaten track alleyways. Shooting in different places of interest that we found along the way. Trying out different poses in a fun and romantic way. Shooting at first by a red FIAT 500. A Cinquecento vintage car. Later under an ancient portico that runs over cobblestone alleyways. Reaching Church of Saints Dominic and Sixtus where we stopped to take some nice posed portraits on the church staircase.

Couple laughing and having fun at the Trevi fountain during a photo shoot

Sitting down on the steps of a church staircase

Walking in Rome hand in hand on cobblestone alleyways under ancient portico

The Monti quarter

The Monti quarter is one of my favorite quarters in Rome to take pictures in. Full of many different unique picture opportunities which are so typical of Rome. Like Piazza del Grillo where we stopped over to take some snapshots in front of the doorway and courtyard. Getting some nice alleyway shots in some truly characteristic roman locations. Including a splendid doorway with warm colored chandelier lights. Where we took some spectacular photos!  Stopping for a quick drink of water from a fountain! Where thankfully no one got their clothes wet! Then we stepped into an alleyway with boasts a truly one of a kind background: Augustus’ Forum.  Running into some nice parked scooters to use as prop in some truly typical roman alleyways.

Together in Rome photographed during a couple photoshoot in Rome

Couple photography taken at the Roman Colosseum

Leaning against a wall on a roman street


Ultimately reaching the Roman Colosseum. Where we had our own white scooter parked in position waiting for us. Set in a typical roman cobblestone alleyway street with another incredible monument as background: The ancient Colosseum! It’s easy to get great shots when you are young and in love in Rome! With a scooter! With the many bystanders walking by and looking in in amazement! Ultimately reaching a terrace hillside view over the Coliseum where we concluded the daytime photoshoot with some final remarkable photos!

Having sun in Rome during a couple photoshoot on a white piaggio liberty scooter

Sitting down on a ledge while taking pictures in Rome Italy

Evening photography – part II

Pincio terrace outlook

After an afternoon break. We met again with a beautiful change of attire. Continuing the Rome photoshoot at Parco del Pincio which has a phenomenal view over the roman skyline. Where we tried to capture it in creative silhouettes photoshooting against the sun. With the sun being so low on the horizon it was easy to find wonderful light everywhere. There is not a bad picture to be taken when you are walking in love in Rome! So we continued towards Piazza di Spagna shooting where we found inspiration from nice views or poses. Running into a beautiful large bougainvillea plant with bright fuchsia flowers. Which added nice colors to this wonderful couple photoshoot.

Female solo fashion shoot sitting down on a marble bench. Rome, Italy

Balconade terrace view of a couple hanging out in Villa Borghese park in Rome Italy

Couple in romance while sitting down on a marble bench during a couple photo shoot in Rome's Villa Borghese park

Silhouette image of a couple photographed against the sun at sunset

Pincio park terrace photo shoot at sunsetCouple portrait close together

Walking in Rome during the golden light and taking couple pictures togetherWalking in Rome's cobblestone streets

Pick me up image of a couple during a photo session in the roman streets at sundownPosed together during a photo session in the streets of Rome Italy

The Spanish steps

Reaching the Spanish steps from the above Church Trinita’ dei Monti. Taking advantage of the nice blue light that was descending on Rome’s skyline. Sitting down on the staircase to take some nice portraits. Snapping off a really cool couple picture with Via Condotti in the far distance lighting up with street lights. Descending the steps down below to the main square. Where we took some nice posed shots by the Barcaccia water fountain. Both isolated as a bust upward portrait. As well as on the other side of the fountain with the Piazza di Spagna staircase in the backdrop.

Portrait posed by the Barcaccia water fountain

Walking together in Rome bust upwards portrait

Via Condotti

Ending this truly wonderful couple photo shoot in Rome on Via Condotti. With some fun pick me up photos taken by the Gucci store among the people that walked by looking in with bewilderment!

Fun pick me up shot taken of a couple near the Gucci store in Rome's Via Condotti


Time of the year: end of July
Time of day: Part I – Afternoon Part II – Evening Couple Rome Photo Shoot
Services: 3 h photography divided in two parts. One in the afternoon with Piaggio Liberty scooter. The other in the Evening
Locations: Part I – Trevi fountain and the Colosseum through the off the beaten track alleyways
Part II – Pincio park terrace and a walk to the Spanish steps and into Via Condotti 

Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio: Wedding Photographer Italy. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in Amalfi, Rome, Venice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Couple Rome Photo Shoot
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Couple Rome Photo Shoot
A fun and romantic couple photo shoot in Rome divided in two parts. One in the afternoon and the other in the evening
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