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By 21 May 2013February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

Starting at the Termini Train station in Rome

Roma Termini train station is part of the imaginary of everyone that has traveled in and out in Rome. That’s where we wanted to start this beautiful anniversary session in Rome. Having a car and being able to swiftly move through the city we headed to the nearby Piazza della Repubblica. I find the large central water fountain of particular interest when viewed from afar. Just a small drive away from there we headed to a park in Via del  Quirinale where the remarkable staircase and balcony proved to be inspiring backdrops. Piazza del Quirinale was next where we discovered the height difference! Then down to Piazza Fontana di Trevi to continue the photographer session. Up to Trinita’ dei Monti and the down to the Roman Colosseum to conclude the session. Thank you so much for the pleasant afternoon!

Picture shot through the alley streets

Couple kissing during a picture session over a balcony.

Couple sitting down on Piazza della Repubblica water fountain

Picture session in Italy with images taken on a staircase in a park.

Wedding photographer by a park balcony

Couple kissing and in love in the Italian city

Couple at the Trevi fountain

Hands posing with rings on top of a painting

Couple romantically together next to artistic paintings on top of Piazza Trinita' dei Monti.

Close up of a couple under blue sky.

Couple holding each other close. Roman Coliseum. Rome Italy

Couple posing at the center of a circle in a piazza by the Roman Colosseum

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Wedding anniversary from Rome Italy
A remarkable anniversary session in the eternal city of Rome. By a wedding photographer during a beautiful drive through the city.

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    This has without any doubt been the best experience ever – thanks again